Acceptable 9 letter words for Scrabble and Word with Friends starting with the letter s

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sabadilla12 sabbatics15 saberlike15 sablefish17 sabotaged13 sabotages12 saboteurs11 saccharic18 saccharin16 sacculate13 sackcloth20 sacralize20 sacrament13 sacrarial11 sacrarium13 sacrifice16 sacrilege12 sacristan11 saddening12 saddlebag14 saddlebow16 sadnesses10 safariing13 safeguard14 safelight16 safetying16 safetyman17 safetymen17 safflower18 safranine12 safranins12 sagacious12 sagamores12 sagebrush15 saggaring12 saggering12 sagittary13 sagittate10 sailboard12 sailboats11 sailcloth14 sailmaker15 sailplane11 sainfoins12 saintdoms12 sainthood13 saintlier9 saintlike13 saintship14 salaaming12 salacious11 saladangs11 salariats9 salarying13 salaryman14 salarymen14 saleratus9 salerooms11 salesgirl10 saleslady13 salesroom11 salicines11 saliences11 saliently12 salifying16 salimeter11 salimetry14 salinized19 salinizes18 salivated13 salivates12 salivator12 sallowest12 sallowing13 sallowish15 salmonids12 salmonoid12 salometer11 salpiform16 salpinges12 salsifies12 salsillas9 saltation9 saltatory12 saltboxes18 saltchuck20 saltiness9 saltpeter11 saltpetre11 saltwater12 saltworks16 saltworts12 salubrity14 saluretic11 salvagees13 salvagers13 salvaging14 salvarsan12 salvation12 samaritan11 samariums13 samizdats21 samphires16 samplings14 sanatoria9 sanbenito11 sanctions11 sanctuary14 sandaling11 sandalled11 sandaracs12 sandbanks16 sandblast12 sandboxes19 sandburrs12 sandcrack18 sandflies13 sandglass11 sandiness10 sandlings11 sandpaper14 sandpeeps14 sandpiles12 sandpiper14 sandshoes13 sandsoaps12 sandspurs12 sandstone10 sandstorm12 sandworms15 sandworts13 sangarees10 sangfroid14 sanguines10 sanidines10 sanitaria9 sanitated10 sanitates9 sanitised10 sanitises9 sanitized19 sanitizer18 sanitizes18 sanitoria9 sannyasin12 sannyasis12 sanserifs12 santalols9 santerias9 santolina9 santonica11 santonins9 sapanwood15 sapheaded16 saphenous14 sapiences13 sapiently14 sapodilla12 sapogenin12 saponated12 saponines11 saponites11 saporific16 sapphires16 sapphisms18 sapphists16 sappiness13 sapraemia13 sapremias13 saprobial13 saprolite11 sapropels13 saprozoic22 sapsucker17 sarabande12 sarabands12 sarcastic13 sarcenets11 sarcocarp15 sarcology15 sarcomata13 sarcomere13 sarcosome13 sardining11 sardiuses10 sargassos10 sargassum12 sarmentum13 sarodists10 sarsenets9 sartorial9 sartorius9 sashaying16 saskatoon13 sasquatch23 sassabies11 sassafras12 sassiness9 sasswoods13 sassywood16 satanical11 satanisms11 satanists9 satcheled15 satellite9 satiating10 satiation9 satieties9 satinette9 satinpods12 satinwood13 satirical11 satirised10 satirises9 satirists9 satirized19 satirizer18 satirizes18 satisfice14 satisfied13 satisfier12 satisfies12 satrapies11 saturable11 saturants9 saturated10 saturater9 saturates9 saturator9 saturniid10 saturnine9 saturnism11 satyrical14 satyrlike16 sauceboat13 saucepans13 saucepots13 sauciness11 sauntered10 saunterer9 sauropods12 sauternes9 sautoires9 savagisms15 savannahs15 savoriest12 savorless12 savourers12 savourier12 savouries12 savouring13 savviness15 sawfishes18 sawhorses15 sawtimber16 saxifrage20 saxitoxin23 saxophone21 sayonaras12 scabbards16 scabbiest15 scabbling16 scabietic15 scabiosas13 scablands14 scaffolds18 scagliola12 scalation11 scalawags15 scaleless11 scalelike15 scalepans13 scaletail11 scaliness11 scallawag15 scallions11 scalloped14 scalloper13 scallywag18 scalogram14 scampered16 scamperer15 scamsters13 scandaled13 scandiums14 scannable13 scannings12 scansions11 scantiest11 scantling12 scantness11 scapegoat14 scaphoids17 scaphopod19 scapolite13 scapulars13 scapulary16 scarabaei13 scaraboid14 scarecrow16 scaredest12 scarehead15 scarfpins16 scarfskin18 scarified15 scarifier14 scarifies14 scariness11 scarpered14 scarphing17 scarriest11 scatbacks19 scatology15 scattered12 scatterer11 scattiest11 scavenged16 scavenger15 scavenges15 scenarios11 scenarist11 sceneries11 scentless11 sceptered14 sceptical15 sceptring14 schatchen19 schedular15 scheduled16 scheduler15 schedules15 scheelite14 schematic18 schillers14 schilling15 schistose14 schistous14 schiziest23 schizoids24 schizonts23 schizopod26 schizzier32 schlemiel16 schlemihl19 schlepped19 schlieren14 schlieric16 schlumped19 schmaltzy28 schmalzes25
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