Acceptable 5 letter words for Scrabble and Word with Friends starting with the letter d

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daces8 dacha11 dadas7 daddy11 dados7 daffs12 daffy15 dagga8 dagos7 dahls9 daily9 dairy9 daisy9 dales6 dally9 daman8 damar8 dames8 damns8 damps10 dance8 dandy10 dangs7 danio6 darbs8 dared7 darer6 dares6 daric8 darks10 darky13 darns6 darts6 dashi9 dashy12 dated7 dater6 dates6 datos6 datto6 datum8 daube8 daubs8 dauby11 daunt6 dauts6 daven9 davit9 dawed10 dawen9 dawks13 dawns9 dawts9 dazed16 dazes15 deads7 deair6 deals6 dealt6 deans6 dears6 deary9 deash9 death9 deave9 debag9 debar8 debit8 debts8 debug9 debut8 debye11 decaf11 decal8 decay11 decks12 decor8 decos8 decoy11 decry11 dedal7 deeds7 deedy10 deems8 deeps8 deers6 deets6 defat9 defer9 defis9 defog10 degas7 degum9 deice8 deify12 deign7 deils6 deism8 deist6 deity9 deked11 dekes10 dekko14 delay9 deled7 deles6 delfs9 delft9 delis6 dells6 delly9 delta6 delts6 delve9 demes8 demic10 demit8 demob10 demon8 demos8 demur8 denar6 denes6 denim8 dense6 dents6 deoxy16 depot8 depth11 derat6 deray9 derby11 derma8 derms8 derry9 desex13 desks10 deter6 detox13 deuce8 devas9 devel9 devil9 devon9 dewan9 dewar9 dewax16 dewed10 dexes13 dexie13 dhaks13 dhals9 dhobi11 dhole9 dhoti9 dhows12 dhuti9 dials6 diary9 diazo15 diced9 dicer8 dices8 dicey11 dicks12 dicky15 dicot8 dicta8 dicty11 didie7 didos7 didst7 diene6 diets6 diffs12 dight10 digit7 diked11 diker10 dikes10 dikey13 dildo7 dills6 dilly9 dimer8 dimes8 dimly11 dinar6 dined7 diner6 dines6 dinge7 dingo7 dings7 dingy10 dinks10 dinky13 dinos6 dints6 diode7 diols6 dippy13 dipso8 diram8 direr6 dirge7 dirks10 dirls6 dirts6 dirty9 disci8 disco8 discs8 dishy12 disks10 disme8 ditas6 ditch11 dites6 ditsy9 ditto6 ditty9 ditzy18 divan9 divas9 dived10 diver9 dives9 divot9 divvy15 diwan9 dixit13 dizen15 dizzy27 djinn13 djins13 doats6 dobby13 dobie8 dobla8 dobra8 dobro8 docks12 dodge8 dodgy11 dodos7 doers6 doest6 doeth9 doffs12 doges7 dogey10 doggo8 doggy11 dogie7 dogma9 doily9 doing7 doits6 dojos13 dolce8 dolci8 doled7 doles6 dolls6 dolly9 dolma8 dolor6 dolts6 domal8 domed9 domes8 domic10 donas6 donee6 donga7 dongs7 donna6 donne6 donor6 donsy9 donut6 doody10 dooly9 dooms8 doomy11 doors6 doozy18 dopas8 doped9 doper8 dopes8 dopey11 dorks10 dorky13 dorms8 dormy11 dorps8 dorrs6 dorsa6 dorty9 dosed7 doser6 doses6 dotal6 doted7 doter6 dotes6 dotty9 doubt8 douce8 dough10 doula6 douma8 doums8 doura6 douse6 doven9 doves9 dowdy13 dowed10 dowel9 dower9 dowie9 downs9 downy12 dowry12 dowse9 doxie13 doyen9 doyly12 dozed16 dozen15 dozer15 dozes15 drabs8 draff12 draft9 drags7 drail6 drain6 drake10 drama8 drams8 drank10 drape8 drats6 drave9 drawl9 drawn9
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