Acceptable 4 letter words for Scrabble and Word with Friends starting with the letter l

By clicking on the selected word you will receive a list of words, words and anagrams that can be composed of its letters.

labs6 lace6 lack10 lacs6 lacy9 lade5 lads5 lady8 lags5 laic6 laid5 lain4 lair4 lake8 lakh11 laky11 lall4 lama6 lamb8 lame6 lamp8 lams6 land5 lane4 lang5 lank8 laps6 lard5 lari4 lark8 lars4 lase4 lash7 lass4 last4 late4 lath7 lati4 lats4 latu4 laud5 lava7 lave7 lavs7 lawn7 laws7 lays7 laze13 lazy16 lead5 leaf7 leak8 leal4 lean4 leap6 lear4 leas4 lech9 leek8 leer4 lees4 leet4 left7 legs5 lehr7 leis4 leke8 leks8 leku8 lend5 leno4 lens4 lent4 lept6 less4 lest4 lets4 leud5 leva7 levo7 levy10 lewd8 leys7 liar4 libs6 lice6 lich9 lick10 lido5 lids5 lied5 lief7 lien4 lier4 lies4 lieu4 life7 lift7 like8 lilo4 lilt4 lily7 lima6 limb8 lime6 limn6 limo6 limp8 limy9 line4 ling5 link8 linn4 lino4 lins4 lint4 liny7 lion4 lipa6 lipe6 lips6 lira4 lire4 liri4 lisp6 list4 lite4 lits4 litu4 live7 load5 loaf7 loam6 loan4 lobe6 lobo6 lobs6 loca6 loch9 loci6 lock10 loco6 lode5 loft7 loge5 logo5 logs5 logy8 loid5 loin4 loll4 lone4 long5 loof7 look8 loom6 loon4 loop6 loos4 loot4 lope6 lops6 lord5 lore4 lorn4 lory7 lose4 loss4 lost4 lota4 loth7 loti4 lots4 loud5 loup6 lour4 lout4 love7 lowe7 lown7 lows7 luau4 lube6 luce6 luck10 lude5 lues4 luff10 luge5 lugs5 lull4 lulu4 luma6 lump8 lums6 luna4 lune4 lung5 lunk8 lunt4 luny7 lure4 lurk8 lush7 lust4 lute4 lutz13 luvs7 luxe11 lwei7 lych12 lyes7 lynx14 lyre7 lyse7
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